Fun trying Grain free Paleo on a “whole Life Challenge”.


So we are living in Australia, now did I mention we moved over. It’s been a long time since we wanted to move over( the whole trip were Mumma Fly started that’s when we started look ) but its taken some time to get everything sorted. And then it happened so quickly getting everything ready has been crazy, but we did it.

Unfortunately our main computer is in there with all the photos from Vietnam for that part of the blog a little disappointing its taking so long but we do have many beautiful clothes in there.

We are all taking this Whole Life Challenge, You know the usual we arrive beginning of December live in an apartment for 3 weeks while we find a place and eat out most days ( not great start) and then its Xmas in the new house which is lovely but mmmm ever so indulgent as we go to friends that have loads of food way too much but you just talk and eat and eat and talk while the kids all play.

And its quite wonderful, as none of us has really looked at packets and tins to see if there are additives, now we are way more aware, I really had no idea there adding sugar to Prunes that are supposed to be natural eek.

Iv always loved making things from scratch but sometimes when your, so busy with 2 jobs and a child that changes and you have to cheat a little.

Well this challenge is making us make everything from scratch.

No dairy apart from Butter is allowed and no grains and no sugar.

So your thinking what on earth are they eating…

Well loads really and I’m loving it …


Here’s a very healthy treat I’m making at the moment as one of my many snacks. There is no excuse on making them Jake aged 4 made these with me.


Cheesy Kale Crackers

You will need


▪   1 cup ground flax/linseeds

▪   1 cup water

▪   2 cups ground Almonds ( Almond Meal)

▪   1 bunch kale

▪   1 cup Coconut flour  

▪   3/4 cup Nutritional yeast 

▪   1 tsp  dried chilli pepper seeds.

▪   1 tsp  paprika

▪    salt & pepper to taste


He goes fast …

. Mix together ground flax Almond meal and water. Set aside.

. Finely chop kale, I do this in the High powered Blender/food processor.(make sure you cut the long white stalks off)

. Add nutritional yeast, coconut flour, paprika & Dried chilli  to the bowl & mix well.

. Stir in kale.

. Add flax/water mixture. Blend well. I use my hands at this point.


This is Jake not using the top baking sheet as he is so always ahead of himself, clearly its in need for a little bit of muscle to roll out (happy face)

. Spread 1/4-inch thick on non-stick sheet ( grease proof paper what ever you use put one sheet down spread on and then put another on top ( like a sandwich) using a rolling pin roll out, its amazing how easy it is to make crackers (Bo’s Dad taught me 4 years ago with his rye crackers.) take off top paper sheet ,Score into cracker sized pieces and put into the oven, or as we did for Jake using a cookie cutter pre cut them. Still on the grease prof paper or non stick sheet put in the oven to bake middle shelf.


I cooked at 160degrees 10 min turn over and cook for a further 10 min . turn oven off and leave in for a further 10 to 15 minutes.

Jake waits for them to cook ( you can see he is already trying to be me by cutting his own hair, yes its his 5th attempt and I have take scissors away until I can trust him with them again, Im not into short fringes but he seems to have them often)


And the Results are good. Sorry I totally forgot to take photos of My beautifully cut finger strips.



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